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What's new in Bansko?

Reduced prices for ski passes

Reduced seasonal passes go on sale 5th - 30th November from the ticket office at the Gondola station. Good news is, no increase from last year.

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Amazing new fundraising project to help the Bansko Mountain Rescue Service.

Sunflower charity, with the help of the Municipality...

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Wine & Dine in Bansko

Where to Eat in Bansko

Grilling is big in Bulgaria. This treasure of grilled veggies is strangely listed on the menu as “chicken tile”. If you want to try local Bulgarian food, check out one of the many ‘mehanas’ in Bansko.


The Best Bulgarian Food Guide – What to Eat in Bansko

Bansko is Bulgaria’s largest ski resort and it’s where we’ve been spending the summer.


Unique Bansko

Bansko tavern keepers materialize long-standing dream to create an association in which members of all pubs owned and managed by Bansko citizens.


For more restaurant reviews and ratings, please browse the extensive listings on TripAdvisor for Bansko.


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Accommodations in Bansko

Book a hotel room

Room prices range from around 50 BGN to 150 BGN.

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Short & long-term apartment rentals

Enjoy the freedom of a cozy serviced apartment.

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Holiday in style

Book a chalet for your lavish holiday and get the most authentic Bansko experience.

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Travel & Transportation

Sofia Airport ↔ Bansko
shared transfers
are a popular shuttle service at €19.50 per person

Hello we're Thumbza! We are a transfer sharing service, that connects you to empty seats on the journey to and from Bansko. Transfer companies make dozens of journeys, with hundreds of spare seats every year. We’re here to help them fill the seats and give you a great price on your journey.

Book Your Shared Transfer - €19.50/person

Sofia Airport ↔ Bansko
Private Transfer

Get a private transfer service for your journey between Sofia Airport & Bansko.

Order Private Transfer - up to 3 peopleOrder Private Transfer - up to 6 people

Ford Focus Special Offer

Ford Focus (1.6 petrol, 4 door with Aircon) available for rent together with roof bars and bike carrier ....

Book this car online - €17.50/day

For more options, we would suggest checking the Rent-A-Car listings over at TwoHeads, Bansko

Bansko Taxi Service


Trail Systems Bansko are a passionate group of outdoor enthusiasts, from all parts of Europe, engaging in the promotion and development of outdoor sporting events and tourism, for all age groups, by means of a healthy lifestyle.

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Live in Bansko

Thriving Community

Bansko has a thriving full time community of expats, who get involved in all kinds of community initiatives, from Charity Events to Biking Sundays, from Animal Rescue to group trips to Greece, Turkey and beyond. Currently there are over 12,000 English & Irish property owners in Bansko.

Real Estate

If you are just beginning your journey to buy an apartment in Bansko, take a look at the dozens of Bansko houses & apartments for sale in Bansko. Or if you already have property here, but have decided to sell, check out:

Property Bansko

Property Management

Property owners in Bansko have a peace of mind, when it's been looked after by a local property management company. A full service would take care of all repairs, cleaning, utility bills, local taxes, categorization, legal support and representation via Power of Attorney, etc.

Apartment Support Services

British Consular Assistance in Bansko
Official representatives, of the British Consulate, are available to help British Nationals, while in Bansko.

You can visit in person at B.T.I. Office on 9 Angel Kanchev Street, Bansko or call +359 74-952-353 to schedule a meeting.



The Pirin Mountain have five beginners level ski runs, nine intermediate level and one piste for pros (called "Alberto Tomba").


km Ski Runs

With a second gondola (hopefully) on it's way, we expect the kilometres of slopes to double, or at least go over 100km.



Authentic Bulgarian Mahanas are typical for the Old Town area, while the New Town has a wide variety of cuisines.


British Owners

Bansko has a thriving community of expats (the biggest in Bulgaria, unofficially).

Sunflower is a charity based in Bansko, registered with the Bulgarian Government. Raising funds to help local disadvantaged people and the local community.
Sunflower Charity Organization
We are located in the New Town of Bansko and our office is open for visitors between 10AM and 4PM (Mon-Fri).
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