Mountain Insurance


 Mountain Insurance for sports & tourism

INSURANCE FOR Hunting, Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Rock Climbing and Alpinism

We are now confirmed as suppliers for the Mountain Sports Insurance through UNIQA on the following prices:

  • Insurance for 1 week ............... 20.00 leva per person
  • Insurance for 1 month ............ 37.50 leva per person
  • Insurance for 1 year ................ 70.00 leva per person
*Price is inclusive of 2%, chargeable on insurance policies in BG

This policy offers a maximum level of cover to the value of 5,000 lv on the following types of sports and hobbies: Hunting, Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Rock Climbing and Alpinism, using safety equipment.

This also includes winter sports - skiing and snowboarding on NON WORKED ski tracks; tracking expeditions (outside the marked and established routes); amateur cross country skiing & biathlon competitions; snow kite; and other activities, similar (in terms of risk) to the above.


Total level of cover is BGN 5,000 and the values below are per claim.

  1. BGN 1,000 - death; permanent incapacity to work following an accident; rescue expenses; medical expenses; evacuation costs
  2. BGN 1,000 - "Extreme sports or hobbies" package (off piste)
  3. BGN 3,000 - "Rescue by helicopter" package

For full details please take a look at  ➜ In BulgarianIn English (translated)

Payment can be made to our office and the policy will be immediate, we will require Full name, DOB, copy of the passport, address in resort and when the policy is to commence.

You will receive a copy of the policy and a breakdown of cover in English.